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Heather Kylene Murphy

I live within the Fairfax County Public School System;
I attended Belle View Elementary School for seven years, then went to Sandburg Middle School for two.
Starting this fall, for ninth through twelfth grades, I will go to West Potomac High School.

Each summer I enjoy going to St. George's Camp.

I played on a select soccer team throughout fourth and fifth grades, and now in sixth grade I'm on another.

The weather today will be like this!
Google is very useful for doing homework or just asking random questions. So is Wikipedia.

You can click here to see pictures of me playing in my first real soccer game!

This summer, I'm finding out what fencing is all about.
I like to check out books from the library, and sometimes I even return them.

You can click here to see a movie clip of me with my friend Alice in the school cafeteria.

My father says I can't play this until I clean up my room.

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